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Cullen Center
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Cullen Center is a 3 million square foot office complex consisting of four office towers:

Continental Center I, a 51 floor,  1,098,000 square foot building at 1600 Smith Street

Continental Center II, a 20 floor, 449,000 square foot building at 600 Jefferson

Kellogg, Brown & Root Tower, a 40 floor, 1,048,000 square foot building at 601 Jefferson; and

The Cullen Center building, a 20 floor, 390,000 square foot building at 500 Jefferson.

In these projects, Carlin/White acts as the building architect, representing the building owner with the tenant and providing space planning services for tenant expansion, tenant relocation and new incoming tenants.

Some of these interior spaces have been for small single tenants, while others have been extensive multi-floor users.

As the building architect, Carlin/White works closely with the owner, Trizec Properties, one of the largest owners and managers of commercial property in North America with 54 office properties totaling approximately 38 million square feet.

Over 6 million square feet of space is located in downtown Houston in their Cullen Center and Allen Center office properties, where Carlin/White renders space planning services.


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